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POLL: To Fundraise or Not to Fundraise, That is the Question

What percentage of your ministry is supported by fundraisers? Vote now!


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POLL: When Does Your Church Fiscal Year End?

Was talking this week to a friend who’s youth group budget (he’s fortunate enough to even have one!) is about to run out Dec 31st. The church where I serve now uses a June 30th fiscal year ending, and did some research into when most church’s fiscal year ends. Thought I should also throw it out there and see when yours ends, and if there’s an advantage either way. Vote now!


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What to Do When Your Youth Ministry Budget Gets Cut

I’ve posted in the past about ways to get your youth ministry budget increased, and today thought I would pull from my journal about responding to a budget cut. The only thing more difficult than not having a youth ministry budget in the first place is watching what you have get taken away. Finances seems to be a persistent challenge for churches, and there comes a time in the life of many youth workers when you lose some. Maybe the church has fallen on hard times, giving is down or perhaps new initiatives from the leadership is moving money elsewhere. So what do you do when your youth ministry budget gets cut?

 Don’t panic or become poisonous
Often times youth leaders react negatively to a change in their budget and immediately share their feelings with volunteers. Talking this over with a spouse or mentor is one thing, but you need to be on board with the decision to synch up the belt, even when it hurts.

Cut programs/events
Usually we try to make things work with less, and quite honestly I don’t think that is the best approach. If you can operate without a little cushion or you’ve got room to keep things the same, great. But often times a wise move we try everything to avoid is cutting a program. Pray, seek counsel and then make the tough decisions.

Communicate the cuts to the leadership
Youth workers often communicate to me at training events or conferences all that they don’t communicate to their senior pastor or deacon board. I love that they can “get things off their chest” and use me as a sounding board, but sharing your decisions will help them understand their financial decisions and be supportive of the calls you made. This has to be done right, or it sounds like wining or passive aggressive!

Be faithful in the new season
Whatever the condition of your budget – serve with reckless abandon. Knowing the churches aversion to big spending and attention to cutting costs in the church, be sensitive and aware while balancing your vision and preparation for growth. Easier said that done … but totally possible!

Be ready to ask again when the time is right
When is the right time? Good question – and maybe one for another time. But watch for signs of things turning around or ways you can creatively finance or fundraise the youth ministry in the future.

Ever had your youth ministry budget cut? Hang in there!


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POLL: How much out of pocket do you spend on students each month?

Was just at lunch yesterday with a student and spent $18 of my own money and it triggered the poll question of the week! What does the average youth worker spends out of pocket on their students each month for relational ministry. I realize some have budgets, some don’t – but all of us give financially in some way for sure, too. Vote now!


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How to Get Your Church Leadership to Increase the Youth Ministry Budget

Want to get more money in your youth ministry budget? Want to get a budget at all? To be honest, there is no simple, clear sure-fire way to get your deacon board to cough up cash to fund your next overnight. In fact, budgets are a fickle beast often times driven by political interests and tradition. But not all hope is lost! Here are a few ways to get your church leadership to help fund youth ministry at your church:

Show the leadership a plan
There’s a direct connection between planning and funding. If you’ve ever been denied funds, it is a strong possibility that there wasn’t enough of a plan there to warrant the green light. Perhaps a less important ministry (all of them except youth ministry hahahaha) showed up with a plan that got some attention and some funds. The next time there is money on the table, put a plan on it, too!

Be happy with whatever you get
Often times when I hear youth workers talk about money it is often followed by murmuring and grumbling. Shoot … I think I did the same thing myself when our fiscal year turned over, too! But a quick way to cut off funds is to be unhappy with what you’ve been given.

Be faithful in the small to demonstrate you’re ready for more
In Luke Jesus challeneged us to be faithful with whatever we have been given as a test to be given more. Are you being faithful with the budget you’ve been given? Are you a good steward of the tithe money of your church? A great way to get more is to have lots of show for what little you started with!


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