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HSM Summer Camp Games: Pool Relay


GAME 1: Slip-N-Slide Kickball
GAME 2: Battle Fort
GAME 3: Ultimate Food
GAME 4: Human Battleship

GAME 5: Pool Relay


  • Cover watermelons with Vaseline or baby oil
  • Place puzzle pieces at the bottom of the pool
  • Make sure the pool rafts are inflated


  • First team to complete the relay wins!
  • Each team divides up and assigns players to each “leg” of the relay
  • 12 people for the raft
  • 10 people for watermelon
  • 2 people to get puzzle pieces
  • Everyone assembles the puzzle
  • On the whistle each team gets the first group of people in the pool in a straight line across the pool. Then a watermelon is passed from one end to the other and back. Once back at the start line those people rush out of the pool while the next set of group people go.
  • Their goal is to all get on the pool raft and row themselves to the far side of the pool and back. Once back, they tag the next person to jump into the pool and collect a puzzle piece. This continues until all puzzle pieces are collected. Once they have all the pieces, their team can begin to put the puzzle together. First team to complete it wins!
  • Must be different people working on each leg of the race.

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HSM Summer Camp Games: Human Battleship


GAME 1: Slip-N-Slide Kickball
GAME 2: Battle Fort
GAME 3: Ultimate Food

GAME 4: Human Battleship


  • Hang the 2-3 tarps over the volleyball net so that it goes from the top to the ground. (the goal is that no one can see the opposite team)
  • Give each side 2 buckets of water balloons, 2 balloon launchers and a bucket of soak balls (10-15 each team)

Team Set-up:

  • Teams will arrange 20 people into different formations to represent the battleships. Once they are set up they cannot move.
  • The rest of the team will be launching and throwing water balloons and soak balls.


  • The goal of the game is to “sink” as many human battleships as possible within 10 minutes.
  • Each time a player is hit, they are out of the game.
  • The team at the end with the most people left on the court wins!
  • Play this twice – great game to beat the heat.

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Simple, Fun Youth Group Game: Crack Dice


I’m not sure where the name came from … but this game is simple, easy fun. It is called Crack Dice and the student ministry team at Granger Community Church introduced me to it and I had to share. Props to Greer Evans (the director at GSM LaPorte) for creating it. Here’s how it works:


  • Everyone gets a 3×5 card and sits around a table. There is one set of dice on the table.
  • One person (selected however you would like – oldest, youngest, nearest birthday, etc) has a pen, begins writing #’s 1-100 as fast as clearly as they can!
  • Everyone else takes turns rolling dice in a clockwise motion
  • When someone rolls doubles, the next person around the table grabs the pen and starts writing down #1-100 on their card
  • When someone rolls snake eyes (2 dice both with 1 facing upward) pass the paper to the left.
  • The first one to write out all numbers 1 to 100 on their card wins!

Such a simple, fun game! Perfect for the countdown before service or a fun icebreaker. Winner!


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HSM Summer Camp Games: Ultimate Food


This week I’m posting some of our best games from summer camp – or students are SO into Color Wars / team rec games and it is so much fun. Some of the games I’ll list this week are regulars that are so fun we bring them back every year, and some are brand new … and yet to cause permanent injuries.

GAME 1: Slip-N-Slide Kickball
GAME 2: Battle Fort

GAME 3: Ultimate Food
Directions: Ultimate Frisbee with food instead of a Frisbee

  1. The goal of the game is to get the food item from one side of the field to the other, into your teams goal zone.
  2. One team will start with the food item and throw it to the team on the other side. The team who receives it, passes the food item from player to player to get to the other side of the field.
  3. Running with the food item in hand is not allowed – it must be passed from person to person until a completed catch in the scoring area.
  4. Recommended food items: a frozen pizza, a head of cabbage, squash, bag of peanuts or a whole trout

*To score, need to throw it to someone standing inside the end zone
*If someone drops or intercepts, it goes to the other team

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HSM Summer Camp Games: Battle Fort


This week I’m posting some of our best games from summer camp – or students are SO into Color Wars / team rec games and it is so much fun. Some of the games I’ll list this week are regulars that are so fun we bring them back every year, and some are brand new … and yet to cause permanent injuries.

GAME 1: Slip-N-Slide Kickball

GAME 2: Battle Fort
Directions: Think Angry Birds + Dodgeball

  1. Each team gets 5 minutes to build their fort using all 30 cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes. They must use all boxes.
  2. The team must build it within the fort boundaries, tapped on the floor or elevated off the ground.

Round 1

  1. A normal game of dodgeball will be played, but the teams must protect their box structure.
  2. The game is over once all the players from one team is out.
  3. The team left standing is awarded points, and the team with the most boxes standing also receives points.
  4. If everyone is not out by 5 minutes, the team with the most people left wins.

Round 2

  1. Each team gets to pick four people who do not get out when the ball hits them and are simply protectors of the fortress.
  2. This round, there is no catching allowed, if someone catches a ball, they are out.
  3. The same rules for dodgeball apply, if you get hit you’re out.
  4. The game ends after 5 minutes or once everyone is out.

Round 3

  1. There are no outs.
  2. Each team is allowed to pick 5 people who are allowed to stand still in front of the fort and block the balls.
  3. Everyone else on the team must be dodging and throwing balls.
  4. The game ends after 5 minutes

Each Round is 10 minutes: 5 minutes of fort building and 5 minutes of game time (if necessary)

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HSM Summer Camp Games: Slip-N-Slide Kickball


This week I’m going to post some of our best games from summer camp – or students are SO into Color Wars / team rec games and it is so much fun. Some of the games I’ll list this week are regulars that are so fun we bring them back every year, and some are brand new … and yet to cause permanent injuries.

Slip- Ball 
Directions: (It’s a game of kickball on a slip and slide)

Place a GIANT plastic tarp on the ground. Find the biggest one you can find then find something twice as big. Or connect 3-4 of them together. This needs to be over the top. Place mini inflatable pools for bases and fill them with water. Cover it all in a thick layer of baby oil and water and go nuts. The ball should be some sort of inflatable ball, have several handy since a swift kick will pop it altogether.

  1. One team is in the outfield and one team is up to kick.
  2. Have the pitcher roll the ball and the kicker kick.
  3. If the person up to kick kicks the ball, they should start running the bases.
  4. If the ball is caught the kicker is out.
  5. The team in the outfield must get the ball and have 10 teammates line up behind them to get the person out.
  6. The kicker continues to run the bases until they reach home. If they reach home before the other team lines up then their team gets one point. If the other team gets lined up before the kicker reaches home, then the kicker is out. Alternate method:
  7. Continue this cycle until there are five outs then switch sides.
  8. Continue until people are sick of the game or there have been too many concussions.

Have fun with this one!

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Free Membership Game for July – Mafia!

00_bulletproof 03_clubs_lawyer_360

We’re really excited about this month’s free membership game – Mafia!

The best Mafia groups have about 12 – 18 people, someone willing to run the game (The Narrator), and a deck of playing cards. Players sit in a circle and are dealt a random, secret card by The Narrator. Each card represents a character that the players will be for the remainder of the game. Players cannot show their cards to each other. For more details on characters, see the character chart included in this download. For the sake of simplicity, there are 4 main character cards: Mafia, Doctor, Sheriff.

If you’re not a Download Youth Ministry Member yet – you’ve got to sign up! Every month, for $19.99 you’ll score:

  • A Game of the Month (like Mafia this month!)
  • A Video of the Month
  • A LeaderTreks student leadership tool
  • A parent newsletter builder/app
  • Mentor Me audio training for you
  • Video Training for your volunteers
  • A mystery download perk
  • DYMText – 2nd tier included!
  • AND $20 in store credit to use on whatever you want, every month!


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BIG NEWS! $1 DYM Memberships!


BIG NEWS! We’re thrilled to announce one small step for youth workers … one giant leap for your youth ministry. Get a Download Youth Ministry Membership for $1!

Every month you get a fresh game!
Every month you get a volunteer training video!
Every month you get a mentoring interview for you to learn and grow!
Every month you get the parent newsletter builder!
Every month you get a student leadership lesson!
Every month you get a video for your youth group service!
Every month we toss in a surprise download from one of our ministry friends!

One more thing… In June, we’re offering FREE DYM Group Texting to anyone who becomes a Member in May and continues through June! Woo Hoo!

All that… AND you get $20 in store credit EVERY MONTH on top of it all!

So sign up right now – this deal will expire without warning – and for $1 get your $20 in store credit and all this month’s downloads immediately. Win!


PS: If you’re already a DYM member … as always, we love you the most. We sent you a few specials gifts of your own. Check your inbox!

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GIVEAWAY: The All-New GroupGames App for iOS


If you’re a you’re a youth group leader then chances are you’ve got a few great games in your back pocket you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Well, what if you could literally pull a few more great games out of your back pocket! There’s an app for that and it’s called Group Games.

Group Games is a database of over 120 fun, tried and tested youth group games for iPhone and iPad and it’s recently received a major update! Watch the video below for details.

I love the idea that in a pinch you can grab a great idea, or when you’re all out of ideas you can find 120 there waiting for you. Calum, the youth worker behind the App, has generously given me 10 free download codes for the App (normally $1.99). All you have to do to claim a download code is be one of the first 10 people to comment on this post!

Jump in the App Store to get it or check out the GroupGames homepage, too!


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POLL: Games at Youth Group

This week’s poll is all about youth group games! How often do you play a game of any kind in youth group? And if you’re looking for some great games for this week at youth group, we’ve got you covered right here for around $3!


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Looking for Games? Be Inspired by Hollywood Game Night


I was on my way home from a recent YS Team Training event and saw a game show on the airplane I haven’t ever heard of before that looked PERFECT to inspire some new youth group games. Like Minute to Win It before it, Hollywood Game Night looks like a winner – check out their website right here for ideas you can lift and make your own! Some totally won’t work, some are easy and perfect!

Also, if you’re looking for ready-to-go games, we’ve got a ton in the DYM store, too!


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Youth Ministry Fun for March Madness

March Madness is in full swing – a fun time of the year where college basketball reigns supreme and a new national champion is named. If you’re interested in grabbing some fun resources that will work now (and honestly most any other time of the year, too) be sure to check these out:


Ultra Brackets - Kick your games up a notch with the greatest bracket app of ALL TIME! UltraBrackets replaces the need for a whiteboard to keep track of who wins in a tournament-style game! Dodgeball, school wars, sword-drills, etc! If it needs a bracket, we’ve got you covered!


Shoot 2 Score - Think your students know all there is about sports? Want to have a little fun this March Madness season? We’ve got the perfect trivia game with questions from both college and professional basketball. It’s a slam dunk!


Starch Madness - While March Madness gets all the glory this month, we’ve put together an amazing trivia game based on the core building block of so much of our food. Starch! It’s Starch Madness!! Even if you’re gluten-free, this is the game for you!


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YS IDEA LAB: Game Time with Les Christie

No one knows youth group games like Les Christie. Here’s a fun and simple couple of games from the games guru of youth ministry!


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2 Really Great New Youth Group Games!


Lamentations of Taylor Swift Lyrics: Volume 2
This is the sequel to what is far and away the most popular game we’ve ever had on Download Youth Ministry. Students have to guess if the statement on the screen is from the Bible or from a Taylor Swift song lyric. Incredible. Incredibly funny.


Biblical King or Prescription Drug
Another insanely funny game where students have to guess if the name shown is either a king from the Bible or a prescription drug. Now that I type that out I guess it is pretty self-explanatory.

Two really great games new this week in addition to our Crowd Control Bundle ($69) and Best-Selling Game Bundle ($49), too!


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Youth Group Game Crazy Week at DYM


We’re going game crazy this week, introducing a ton of new games and some huge games bundles. Be sure to check it all out, head over to our Games category right now!


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