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Rest When You Can

The summer after my freshman year of college I remember making the 10 hour drive from Cincinnati to New Jersey by myself.  After finally arriving home, I hugged my mom and went upstairs and just slept.  I cannot tell you for how long, but the rest did me good.  I woke up ready to take on the summer.

It’s difficult to talk about rest in the middle of one of the most hectic times of year; however, it’s important.  Without rest it’s easy for you to become burned out and lose love for what you do.  When you are restless you become easily irritated and unpleasant to be around.  You lose focus and make simple and avoidable mistakes.  You need to rest and while that might not always seem possible here are a few steps to change that:

  • Do One Thing Less: Maybe it’s watching one less hour of television or reading one less blog post (After this one).  Eliminate one thing from your schedule that might be using up your time.  Do not fill that time with something else, instead incorporate it into your schedule.  Build it into your sleep.  Enjoy the margin.
  • Share The Burden: If you are tired it can be a strong indication that you are doing too much.  Share the responsibility by asking someone to help you out.  There are people in your ministry and your life willing to help you out.  There are people in your ministry and life that have the margin and capacity to share the burden. Take advantage of it and breathe a little easier.
  • Write It Out: It’s easy to grow frustrated when you lose sight of what needs to be done.  Take a minute to write out goals, a check list or a to-do list that will help you stay on track.  When you are efficient with your time and energy you’ll find that you have some left over.  Keep the list visible and share with people to hold you accountable.
  • Connect With God: It’s so easy to forget that you need God especially when you work for the Church.  The Bible study you are planning or the message you are crafting can be fruitful; however, draining at the same time.  Make sure you are taking the time to connect with God so that He can fill you and fuel you with the Holy Spirit.  Do not be afraid to lean on Him.

Rest when you can so that you can be affective and efficient.  The more energy and focus you have the more you will be able to accomplish.  And sometimes in order to do more and get more you need to just rest.

How do you find rest?

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How to Get Your Church Leadership to Increase the Youth Ministry Budget

Want to get more money in your youth ministry budget? Want to get a budget at all? To be honest, there is no simple, clear sure-fire way to get your deacon board to cough up cash to fund your next overnight. In fact, budgets are a fickle beast often times driven by political interests and tradition. But not all hope is lost! Here are a few ways to get your church leadership to help fund youth ministry at your church:

Show the leadership a plan
There’s a direct connection between planning and funding. If you’ve ever been denied funds, it is a strong possibility that there wasn’t enough of a plan there to warrant the green light. Perhaps a less important ministry (all of them except youth ministry hahahaha) showed up with a plan that got some attention and some funds. The next time there is money on the table, put a plan on it, too!

Be happy with whatever you get
Often times when I hear youth workers talk about money it is often followed by murmuring and grumbling. Shoot … I think I did the same thing myself when our fiscal year turned over, too! But a quick way to cut off funds is to be unhappy with what you’ve been given.

Be faithful in the small to demonstrate you’re ready for more
In Luke Jesus challeneged us to be faithful with whatever we have been given as a test to be given more. Are you being faithful with the budget you’ve been given? Are you a good steward of the tithe money of your church? A great way to get more is to have lots of show for what little you started with!


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