Zombie Apocalypse

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The Apollo Medical Research Group has invited a group of investors to witness the first human trial of their new, cure-all, miracle drug called X47. Something goes horribly wrong and the investors must team up and survive the night while hordes of zombies roam the quarantined campus! Only the team with the most survivor points by the end of the quarantine (collected by taking out zombies, completing missions, trading with / stealing from other teams, and by finding the cure) will win and be allowed to evacuate!

The Apollo Pandemic: Zombie Survival Night is a massive apocalyptic role-playing game. We’ve put together everything you’ll need to put on this event with your volunteers and students.

Here’s what’s included:

- An extensive setup guide.
- Complete graphics package
– Action Cards
– Point Cards
– Badges
– Apollo Logos
– Fake medical research paperwork
- “The Cure” app for Mac and PC
- Point codes for the iPhone “Apollo Survivor” app.
- Links to everything you’ll need to buy.

Happy surviving!

What's Included...

  • PDF PDF x1 | Setup Guide
  • ai: Adobe Illustrator ai: Adobe Illustrator x1 | App
  • JPG JPG x1 | Graphics Package


  1. Trent

    (verified owner):

    I have checked this out and it is legit! It is so detailed that I am actually having to pare it down because it is too detailed for the group that I have.

    Great Job!

    • Josh Griffin


      Glad you like it – this one definitely falls in the “I hope it works” or “Try it and see” category for many youth workers, but so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Yeah! JG

  2. Kristin

    (verified owner):

    I dont understand. I have downloaded it, but there is no way to open the game. I only got a folder called “ZombieApocalypse” and downloaded all the effects or whatever it was called and that turned in to a folder called “all”. What to do? I am sure it`s a great game, but don`t know how to open it. Can`t find any instructions either.

  3. Parker Stech


    Hi Kristin!

    Sorry the download is giving you issues! Hopefully this will help someone else that runs into the same confusion.

    This event is a giant roleplaying zombie night. Students and leaders play the roles of zombies, survivors, military, and scientist. There’s a lot of elements to the event, but everything is completely optional (use what works for your ministry).

    When you purchase this download, you’ll get a zip file with a few slide graphics and a Word doc. The Word document contains a link, username, and password to a secret website. Once you go to that site and login, you’ll see all the instructions for the entire event.

    Everything is separated into sections to make it easy (Overview, Characters, Zombies, Items, etc). Each section will explain an element of the game. If we describe a mission that survivors need to complete and it requires a “security badge”, we include the graphic for that badge. Again, these elements are optional.

    One important element is an iPhone app that can keep score during the game. It’s free in the App Store. In the download folder, you’ll find a folder called, “MCC” with a bunch of Excel files. Those are point codes that go along with the iPhone app. If you print those codes on little cards or stickers, students can collect them during the night, enter the code into their app, and collect points. Again, this is all explained on that secret website.

    I hope that helps things make a little more sense!

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