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The Voice


God is calling us to have a ready and willing heart to follow His voice even when it seems difficult or uncomfortable. Hearing God’s voice and direction requires a decision on our part; a decision that says “I choose to hear you”. In addition to that, it requires action on our part; a response to God’s direction, conviction, and guidance. With so many voices feeding our spirits and our hearts, God’s voice is speaking continuously into our lives.

As I continue to walk with God I have understood that He always speaks in many different ways. God isn’t the reason we aren’t hearing. Many things can cloud His voice from our end: we tune it out, we are too cluttered with too many voices, or we don’t respond at all. In the clutter of our lives we think we hear Him, but we really don’t. Hearing God’s voice is more than just going through motions. It is being in a position of obedience to receive His direction. It is being willing to boldly say, “Speak, your servant is listening”.

This series will help your students learn to put themselves in a position to hear God’s voice in the midst of a noisy life:

Week 1 –


Week 2 –


Week 3 –


Week 4 –


Week 5 (optional) –

Night of Hearing

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x5 | Teaching Notes
  • JPG JPG x2 | Graphics Package


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