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Teaching Series Bundle

$130.00 $99.00

Back for a limited time!
We bundled up a ton of our best-selling teaching resources and put them in one giant .zip file for you to teach all through the year ahead. No joke – there is 40+ weeks of stuff here, easy for you to make your own and teach or hand to a volunteer. Grab a calendar and start mapping out what goes where!

Bundle includes:

Instalife (2 weeks)
Stuff Jesus Didn’t Say (1-off)
Refuel (3 weeks)
Brainwashed (3 weeks)
Facebook Official (5 weeks)
5 Ways to Be Awesome (3 weeks)
11 vs the World (3 weeks)
LAUNCH (2 weeks)
3D (2 weeks)
Happily Ever After (2 weeks)
Secrets (1-off)
How to Raise Your Parents (3 weeks)
The REAL Jesus (2 weeks)
The Future is Now (5 weeks)
5 Student Leadership Messages (5 weeks)
Easter Message (1 week)
Christmas Series (1 week)

Note: Certain promo codes are disabled for giant discount bundles.


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