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Small Groups Nuts and Bolts


Every Sunday (or other day you meet for small groups!), is game day. You need to lead at max capacity. This resource is a compilation of everything you need to lead a small group ministry.

Over 40 resources included in this package, including:

Adult Leader Manual – over 60 pages of helps!
Curriculum Map
Graded Curriculum Map
Adult Leader Application
Small Group Evaluation – for students to evaluate their group
Background Check Form
Letters to visitors, inactives, and many more
Teacher Development Self Evaluation
Leadership Meeting Training Schedules
Adult Leader Job Descriptions
Mandatory Volunteer Annual Questionnaire
And a LOT more…

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x4 | Yearly Curriculum Map
  • Word Doc Word Doc x7 | Forms
  • Word Doc Word Doc x7 | Follow Up Letters
  • Word Doc Word Doc x4 | Surveys and Evaluations
  • Excel Excel x1 | Leader Meeting Agenda
  • Word Doc Word Doc x4 | Teacher Application Forms


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