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Small Group Administration Tools


SMALL GROUP ADMINISTRATION TOOLS: 7 editable documents to help you pull off small groups! As an added bonus, we’ve included a prayer request worksheet and 3 ready to print (in house or professionally) follow up post cards.


  • 4 Keys to a great study
  • Boundaries for Discipline
  • Small Group Covenant
  • Small Group Evaluation Questions
  • Small Group leader job description
  • Small Group profile
  • Why Small Groups
  • + postcards
  • + prayer request sheet
  • A-Z Quiz – Icebreaker to get to know your group
  • Talk Sheet for Leaders -Keep a conversation with a student going as well as conversation topics and ideas for your small group

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x9 | Word Documents
  • JPG JPG x1 | Postcards


  1. Nick

    (verified owner):

    We just started our Small Groups here at our church and I used a lot of the tools from this kit. It was a great $8 spent!

    I formulated the information into a binder, made it personal into our context and gave it to all my leaders during a training.

    A lot of helpful things in here!

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