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Both parents and students rarely have a biblical framework for the context of dating. It’s been said that modern dating leads more towards sex than it does marriage. This series will give students and parents a biblical starting point for discussions about dating.

RPMs series messages:

Song of Solomon 1:1-7 – What You Really Want and How To Get It
Song of Solomon 1:8 – 2:4 – Redefining Dating
Song of Solomon 2:8 – 3:4 – How To Know You’re Ready To Commit
Song of Solomon 4:1-16; 5:1 – How To Have the Best Honeymoon Ever

RPMs series includes:

Message Notes
5-page Series Planner
Sample Weekly Schedules

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x4 | teaching notes
  • Powerpoint Powerpoint x4 | presentations
  • JPG JPG x4 | graphics package
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | series planner
  • Excel Excel x1 | weekly schedules


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