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This is the game you’ve heard all about, where we show you a quote and you have to decide if it’s…

…a passage from the book of Psalms…
…or an actual Tweet from one of Justin Bieber’s 35,000,000 totally insane fans.

Sound easy? Try this one on for size:
“You are perfect and beautiful for all.”
“You made my life complete…”

Want to know the answer? Hahahah … buy the game and play it with your students! It’s not just fun to play, it’s hilarious to watch. Take a go at PSALM or CRAZY BIEBER FAN?

What's Included...

  • Powerpoint Powerpoint x1 | Powerpoint File
  • JPG JPG x20 | Game Slides
  • JPG JPG x3 | Graphics Package


  1. palkjeff

    (verified owner):

    Easy to drop into whatever presentation software you have. I had teens volunteer before they knew what they were doing, so of course we had a couple ‘manly’ guys playing the Beiber game. One group went 4/5 and the other went 2/5. Great graphics. Made me look good.

  2. Mike Richardson

    (verified owner):

    Awesome Game. Had a lot of fun, but one serious bieber fan let me know Bieber is spelled incorrectly.

  3. stmyouth

    (verified owner):

    I thought these were Illustrator files? All I see is pptx and .jpg’s I could have used the illustrator files to correct the name and added other slides. Did I miss something? Are there plans to correct the spelling?

  4. Christina

    (verified owner):

    A fun game, but verses are paraphrases (from The Message, I think?) so won’t look the same if kids look them up. Seems like cheating a little bit ;)

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