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Oasis Series


This would be a great series for your youth group this fall! The brand new teaching series from Josh Griffin could also double as a powerful weekend retreat or as the basis for your own camp as well. there’s 4 main teaching notes and a few discussion questions thrown in as well. Here’s the breakdown of the series:

Week 1 – Jesus is the Living Water – nothing else will satisfy your thirst
Week 2 – The Mirage of Sin - it sure looks good, but leaves you empty
Week 3 – The Dead Sea – our lives should overflow to others
Week 4 – The Rest of the Story – what happens next? It is up to you!

As an additional bonus, there’s one additional outline that wasn’t used as part of the original series that is included as a free bonus – it needs some work to finish it but could easily be made into a 5th message with a little work or a good alternate ending if you want to change up the arc of the series. Jesus is the Living Water … encourage your students with this powerful truth from John 4!


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