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Membership – yearly

$219.89 / year

By purchasing this product, you will get following coupon(s):

  • Store Credit of $20.00

WAIT! DON'T DO IT! Just kidding? this is an incredible deal--you should totally do it. Really, what are you waiting for? BUT, before you do, because you are committing to a reoccurring payment (monthly or yearly) you can only have 1 item in your cart at a time. If you plan to purchase other stuff in addition to your membership, purchase the membership first, then go back to shopping. Or, do your shopping, then finish with the membership on a separate order. Clear as mud? Okay, congratulations on your membership? and welcome to the team.

What is it?

DYM’s membership is the best thing since the creation of the Nutella and Peanut Butter panini. If you’ve never tasted that, you can easily correct that mistake. But, it would be a major mistake to miss out on the Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry™ (rest assured that the ™ is a joke, but the deal isn’t… it’s an amazing value!).

We know your budget is lower than the church’s janitorial supplies, and we also know many youth workers pay out of their own pocket… so, here’s why this is the greatest deal ever:

For only $219.89 a year… you’ll receive EVERYTHING below… EVERY MONTH for an entire year!

What’s included?



$20 in store credit for you to use however you want (yep, that’s $20 every month)


Mentor Audio

A 20 minute mentoring audio to help improve your leadership


Volunteer Training

A Volunteer Training Video with veteran Doug Fields (or someone equally as cool) (HD and Standard)


Parent Newsletter

A Parent Newsletter filled with tips, ideas & helps for you to photocopy and get to parents


Student Leadership Resource

A Student Leadership Resource for you to teach or email to your key student leaders



An Amazing Video for you to use during your weekly programs



A Fun, Media-driven Game to use during your weekly programs


Mystery Item

A Mystery  Membership Perk–every month a unique offering from one of our Ministry Partners!


  1. palkjeff

    (verified owner):

    Two months in and what can I say that hasn’t already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone. Necessity breeds innovation, and youth workers helping youth workers breeds a cost-effective system to share what works. I say cost-effective, but what I really mean is a ridiculous amount of stuff for a very low price. You pay $20 a month and get $20 worth of whatever you want. That makes sense. To put it in “youth ministry terms,” that’s justice. But DYM goes way beyond the just and moves into the land of grace, because you don’t just get what you pay for, you get an overwhelming amount of extras. I get mentored each month by youth ministry’s best. That’s personal growth and edification. I get a parent newsletter that helps our teens’ parents, which makes me look smart and organized in the process. Student leadership material, because we all know we have plenty of time to always handle that. High quality videos and fun games. Plus, to keep me on the edge of my seat each month, there is an amazing mystery item to boot.
    I don’t have a huge budget, but I don’t need one when it comes to the DYM membership. The only thing they forgot was to throw in some DYM Members Only jackets, but I think it’s because they’re still trying to find one that fits Matt’s body shape and Josh’s fashion taste and Doug’s…I don’t know what his deal is, but let’s just say you could sum up my whole review by jumping up in the air, fist bump the sky and yelling “YES!!!”

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