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Leaders are Learners: Discipline in Youth Ministry


You could have downloaded this resource for FREE if you were a DYM Member. Check out the details here to learn about the greatest deal in the history of youth ministry!

This short, video training is intended to provide some basic, youth ministry training. You can either show this at your volunteer leader meeting and discuss,
or send your volunteers a link to watch it from their home/work/dorm/Narnia/bedroom under the stairs/etc. (remember to password protect the download so that only your ministry has access). The idea behind this particular resource is to continue to encourage your leaders to learn—when one stops learning, he/she begins to loose their effectiveness.

Sit back as Doug Fields talks about the delicate subject of “Discipline in Youth Ministry.” No one likes to be the “bad guy” (well, some do, but they’re not fun to have on your team). In less than 10 minutes, Doug gives you and your team plenty to think about.

What's Included...

  • Video Video x1 | video training


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