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We show you a quote, and you have to decide if it is 1) a passage from the book of Lamentations, one of the more depressing reads in the Bible, as it details the destruction and demise of Jerusalem or 2) or a lyric from a Taylor Swift song, one of the more depressing songwriters of our generation, as she details every breakup and slight she’d ever suffered.

It’s not as easy as it looks. Even your senior pastor will be stumped by these:

You’re like a lion ready to pounce.”

“Your knives and swords and weapons that you use against me.”

Students have fun playing it and even more fun watching it.

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Game Description
  • JPG JPG x20 | Game Slides
  • JPG JPG x1 | Graphics Package


  1. palkjeff

    (verified owner):

    Great graphics. Easy to drop into presentation. Challenging even for the Swift fans. Fun for everyone else.

  2. kennycampbell24

    (verified owner):

    I love this game and for only $3 you can’t go wrong! Great idea!

  3. Charles

    (verified owner):

    This game is designed well. Great looking graphics and simple to understand. Challenging enough to keep high schoolers interested. Could use some filler music. Very relevant.

  4. Brian

    (verified owner):

    Our students enjoyed this game. We played a Taylor Swift song in the background in our high school service and middle school service. The boys and the girls in each service enjoyed hashing out which was correct! Great job.

    • Josh Griffin


      So fun! Seriously how great is this game! Get the sequel, too! JG

  5. Tim

    (verified owner):

    We brought a couple students to the stage and gave them a big piece of paper that said “Lamentations” on one side and “T. Swift” on the other. The each got help from one half of the audience. It was hilarious. Great game.

  6. mugaddict

    (verified owner):

    Used this as a “table game” (we split our kids into table groups based on gender/age) and it was a hit. I think my middle school boys were the most intense group! Great layout, questions, and graphics, and easily drops into ProPresenter. A+ Resource

  7. Nick

    (verified owner):

    we used this at our Parent Preview.

    I had parents saying, “This has to be from the message!”

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