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Instahack Youth Group Game

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Get your hands on the youth ministry game that will have your students hiding their phones! Instahack is a game where a contestant risks their Instagram reputation at the chance of winning awesome prizes by answering a series of multiple choice questions. If they get a question wrong, one of 9 awful things may happen to their Instagram:

  1. Unfollow 5 friends
  2. Unfollow 20 friends
  3. Unfollow ALL friends
  4. Obsessed – Pick a random follower and like every single one of their pictures!
  5. Roadkill – Post an Instagram of roadkill (decent pics included) and leave a caption that says, “Yikes! Just hit someone’s cat! Lol!”
  6. Rash – Post an Instagram of a rash (decent pics included) and leave a caption that asks for ointments.
  7. Love is in the air – Snap a pic of the student with another student and make the caption say, “She/He finally said YES!!! Love him/her so much!!!”
  8. Confession Time – Have the contestant take a self-shot, post it, and leave a caption that says, “Truth is: I wet the bed because I’m lazy.”
  9. Mystery – Have fun doing whatever comes to your mind!!!
The entire package comes with the following:
  1. The epic Instahack Intro Video
  2. Eight Instahack questions (The Starter Question Pack included – additional question packs are available with more coming soon!)
  3. Each question is separated into three seamless videos:
  4. The Question: Question and answers slide in with a Polaroid sound effect.
  5. Correct Answer: The four answers slide out and the correct answer slides in with a nice DING DING!
  6. Wrong Answer: The four answers slide out and a big “WRONG!” slides in with a discouraging WAAA WAAA!
  7. Hack Spinner video with 10 hacks to land on.
  8. A “Read Me” pdf with all the instructions you’ll need to set up and play this game!
  9. The satisfaction of having one of the best youth ministry games of all time!

Game is intended to use with ProPresenter or MediaShout.  The game can be used with Powerpoint and Keynote, but many be more difficult to operate due to non-linear answers from contestants.  In other words, you need software that allows you to quickly jump to the correct slide based on the contestant’s answer.

What's Included...

  • JPG JPG x1 | Game Photos
  • Video Video x8 | Question Pack
  • Video Video x8 | Spinner
  • PDF PDF x1 | Game Instructions
  • Video Video x1 | Intro Video


  1. saywnetwork

    (verified owner):

    Just used this resource with a large-scale 500+ person, multiple youth group event. Went off very well due to the quality of what is given here. Here are some things that may not be obvious to someone using this resource:

    The video gameplay clips (the clips needed to display questions, give a right/wrong) are designed to plug and play with a media tool like MediaShout or ProPresenter, so the media operator can select the video clips for right/wrong and switch over to the “Instahack” spinner. All of this is included and works very easily, and the directions make sense. (There is no mention of MediaShout or ProPresenter, so one might assume this easily works within PowerPoint or Keynote–like I did–It does, just takes considerably more effort than a standard slideshow, it seems)

    If you connect your iPhone to AppleTV connected to your projection system OR a projector-connected laptop/desktop with AirServer (low cost downloadable desktop application that allows any iDevice to be displayed), you can DISPLAY the iPhone screen and watch the player complete the hacks that the spinner gives. This gives the game a live feel, and really is what makes this a great upfront game. Use your own iPhone (or iPad, though not sure how Instagram looks via iPad) for this step, 1) because you need to secure a connection 2) because it’s easier to control what goes up on the screen

    Basic gameplay went like this
    1) call out for Instagrammers, and qualify a few based on number of followers–a low limit of 50 is what we used, but also, you might make sure they have posted at least 50 pics as well.
    2) Get 2-3 up on stage, in case one would like to bail out after getting hacked once.
    3) let them know that there are prizes for each question right, but the hacks are the consequence of missing a question (there are 8 questions included, we had about 1 prize and one hack for 3 individuals, they bailed/or we let them off the hook after 1 hack each)

    You have the distinct advantage of choosing the hacks ahead of time…the media person isn’t really operating a spinner, but choosing the video clip of where the spinner lands… so you can make a set of outcomes ahead of time. You may find some hacks are better in particular situations.

    Great game, and worthwhile for our event!

  2. jriff

    (verified owner):

    This game is sweet! It got EVERYONE in the room talking, laughing, and talking about it the next day!

  3. youthguyry


    wonderful game to get kids laughing. might need to be careful with some students instagram feeds though

  4. akmeyers

    (verified owner):

    This is the game you want if you are ready to send your group into a fun frenzy! Our youth group did this and could not get enough. Honestly, it brought me some pleasure as well as I got to hack some instagram accounts. This one is guaranteed to be a winner in your youth group. As an added bonus, you can get the inside scoop on the social media of your youth!!

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