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How to Raise Your Parents


Doug Fields and Josh Griffin talk to students about healthy relationships with parents:

Week 1 – Trust Builders and Trust Busters

Communication is absolutely critical in a healthy relationship between you and your parents. Communication builds trust, but trust can be lost in a moment. It takes years to build, and moments to lose – think about the last time you stayed out past curfew if you need a reminder of that fact. Respect, honor and obey your parents – doing so will build trust – which is the gateway to a healthy relationship that pleases God.

Week 2 – Problem or Solution?

Doug Fields talks to students about forgiveness, faith, thankfulness and the power of words.

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x3 | Teaching Notes
  • mp3 mp3 x3 | Sermon Audio
  • JPG JPG x3 | Graphics Package


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