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How To Pray


How to Pray is a simple, practical 3-week series that uses the Lord’s Prayer to help solve the problem some of us are afraid to admit we have: “why does prayer feel so … weird?”

Week 1:

One of the big themes of the Lord’s Prayer is that God is our Father … so how come our prayers don’t feel like that? This talk looks at how our prayer life would be different if we truly prayed to our Dad.

Week 2:

When we pray, we’re not just praying to our Dad. We’re praying to our Dad who is in HEAVEN. This is a talk about how when we understand we’re talking to the Dad of the universe, it changes everything.

Week 3:

Because prayer is a conversation, we tend to think of it as a person process. And yet both in the Lord’s Prayer and the rest of the Bible, prayer is seen as a community event. This is talk that ultimately challenges people not to “sample” the church, but serve in a community.

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Teaching Notes
  • mp3 mp3 x1 | Sermon Audio
  • JPG JPG x1 | Title Slide


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