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Enthroned/Dethroned DNOW RETREATS


Enthroned Retreat

The Psalmist wrote in chapter 29 verse 11, “The Lord sits enthroned, King forever.” This foundational truth demands a response on our part. We have a natural tendency to place things on the throne of our hearts that are not Christ. We enthrone relationships, hobbies, friends, money, control, etc; yet the Lord is the One meant for the throne. He reigns in Heaven but does He reign in our hearts?

To fully unpack the idea of enthroned we must look at the throne in Heaven and the throne in our hearts. Christ is as work where He resides and His presence is made known there as well. Enthroned is a 4-part series designed to help us realize who or what truly sits on the throne of our hearts and what steps we can take to remove our idols from the throne and genuinely live the truth we find in Psalm 29:10b, “The Lord sits enthroned, King forever.” Is He enthroned in you?

Dethroned Retreat

The book of James makes a strong statement about God’s response to our character. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” – James 4:6b. Selfishness is a struggle we all face and it has the power to strongly cripple our relationship with God. Jesus humbled Himself by coming to seek and save the lost, as well as to serve people and die for us in our place. We are to be imitators of Christ’s humility and selflessness.

Dethroned is designed to show us that a humble life is one that brings Him glory. We also see that we have a bad habit of putting ourselves on the throne when that spot is reserved for Christ and Christ alone. Dethroned is a 3-part series that deals with Philippians 2:1-11 and discusses the need for us to be dethroned and for Christ to be enthroned in our hearts as King forever. God’s desire for His people is for us to be humble, servants of others, and to love and know Christ. James 4:6b: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” For Christ to be enthroned, we must be dethroned.

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x2 | Teaching Notes
  • Word Doc Word Doc x2 | Student Booklets
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Sample Schedule
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Service Project Ideas
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Postcard
  • JPG JPG x1 | Name Tag
  • JPG JPG x1 | Graphics Package


  1. palkjeff

    (verified owner):

    Includes material for two events. One about refocusing our thoughts from ourselves to humility, others, and Christ(dethroned). Enthroned focuses on who is on our throne and how to put God back on our throne and keep Him there.
    I am using the dethroned portion for a three day work camp. The material is useful for quiet times and discussion questions, however there is nothing included for keynote sessions other than a one page idea. Wish it would have included a sermon type item.
    Graphics are basically the throne on black in different areas.
    There are a few typos. But with a little tweaking it works for what I need.

  2. RevStudents

    (verified owner):

    Purchased this material a couple months ago and just used it this past weekend for a large end of summer retreat for our students. We wanted to do the retreat with just our students to help them build identity. We used Enthroned and left the Dethroned material for our next DNOW weekend. I was extremely pleased with the package! The handbook for students alone represents tons of hours of work. Obviously, I made it our own, but that was super easy to do. The leader materials were prefect as well and I didn’t have to change anything for them whatsoever. Every break-out group had a leader with great questions and instructions in hand with little-to-no work from my end. All I had to focus on was creating sermons. And I prefer it that way honestly. I rarely preach anything similar to how someone else would so I would rather have a theme to preach from for each session and cultivate the message myself. So, this was great for that.

    I had a couple days of sermon prep, a bunch of volunteers putting together folders for students and leaders, bought “Enthroned” wristbands as giveaways, divided students into two competing teams, came up with icebreaker games and activities, had someone custom-build me a throne as a center piece (and had the teams compete to win the ‘rights’ to the throne that will sit in our Student room for the next month), and then took our band, leaders, and students to a retreat center and preached my heart out! …and it was great! God wrecked some students with the simple truth conveyed of his Kingship and it was phenomenal to be a part of!!! Don’t build your DNOW from scratch! This material will put you light years ahead! Thanks guys for sharing your hard work and creativity with us! The impact of it is still going forward long after you pulled it off there.

  3. JoshuaPrice

    (verified owner):

    First I cannot tell anyone enough how awesome these guys are! For a guy like me in a small church ministry, resources like this one have helped save me time which means more time spent with my students! Ok so here it is. We used dethroned for a retreat a few weeks back. Great material! I was able to easily take what was given and build off of it to fit our needs. The outlines, student and leader guides were all a big help! I really love that quiet time devotionals were added at the end! If you are looking for a good weekend retreat or DNow you have found it! Your students will learn what it means to live a life of humility, a life that belongs to the King!

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