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Looking for a great new series on guys, girls, relationships and sex? This is it – we just finished it a few days ago in our youth ministry and it was one of the most talked-about series of the year! Here’s the basic rundown:

Week 1: 5 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

Most guys are clueless when it comes to girls. What would it look like if we combined learnings from a focus group of girl students and mashed it up with my experience as a pastor and what God’s Word teaches. This is the week where we take on guys from a girls’ perspective. This is a great talk for the girls to hear and the boys to be challenged by.

Week 2: 5 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Ladies, if you want to know what guys really wish you knew about relationships and sex, this is it! We sit down with some guys and discuss their loves, pet peeves and thoughts about girls and once again take on a Biblical perspective on what a godly woman looks like. This is a powerful week to challenge both guys and girls!

Week 3: The “Ask Anything” Relationship Panel

SEX! Now that we have your attention, we are going to be talking about relationships and sex. We brought in some amazing and brave people who have been through thick and thin of relationships, the good, bad and ugly for you to ask them questions about relationships and sex. Included are basic instructions, software used and all of the questions that our students submitted during the panel (400+)

What's Included...

  • Excel Excel x1 | Panel Questions
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Teaching Notes
  • JPG JPG x1 | Graphics Package


  1. phillyd1991

    (verified owner):

    We just finished this series. The youth loved it! The “make it your own” Word documents are great for customizing it for your youth group. Each week the students were even more excited about the week coming up. They took notes, asked questions, and were really challenged. This subject matter is a hot topic right now.

  2. Billy

    (verified owner):

    Great Series…our students loved it! Modifications recommended. You’ll need to plan ahead…I would recommend meeting with a group of guys to get input on the “5 things guys wish girls knew” and doing the same with a group of girls for “5 things girls wish guys knew”. The last week was an absolute hit. Giving students a way to ask difficult questions in a confidential way was enlightening.

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