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Christian or Disciple


This 1-off message from Doug Fields helps to bring a little clarity to what the word “Christian” actually means. For so many people, being a Christian has become nothing more than merely believing a few things to be true and if we believe those things … then we are “Christian.”

But this superficial meaning of “Christian” has created all sorts of problems. Essentially, we have a lot of “Christians” who don’t look anything like Jesus or resemble His teaching. The word “Christian” seems to have lost it’s meaning. Use this message to challenge your students to not be merely a Christian… but a true disciple of Jesus.

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Teaching Notes
  • JPG JPG x2 | Series Graphics


  1. willvoll

    (verified owner):

    Great Lesson!
    Using this lesson as a foundation we had one the best youth group nights I can remember. The lesson challenges students to become a disciple, not just a Christian. The Holy Spirit showed up and students responded. After the lesson we used worship as a time to respond. I’ve never seen so many of our students respond with passionate and authentic worship. Plus, it led to a great small group time. I would highly recommend using this lesson.
    The only significant thing I would change is finding a way clarify that all Christian’s technically are disciples. We just have a lot people in our culture who call themselves Christians who probably aren’t. But the lesson does a great job of distinguishing between the cultural/nominal Christian and the true disciple. Then it beautifully challenges them to choose which lifestyle is really better.

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