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One of my (Matt McGill) best nights in youth ministry!

The idea was to design a creative prayer time for our students, a place where they could step away from their regular, busy lives and simply “BE” with God.

We created 15 different stations, each with a devotional, scripture, and activity. Going into the event, we felt that some of the activities were a little uncomfortable/risky, and maybe even cheesy. However, each station ended up being great (honest!) and the whole event was awesome. Sure, we’d make a few changes next time around, but everything went off really well.

We planned a 2 hour event. We went 30 minutes long, which was a drag. 90% of the students didn’t complete all of the stations. When we do it again, we’ll probably do a few less stations (not sure which one I’d cut…but we might combine stations 4 and 5) and plan for a three hour event.

Here is a quick overview of all the stations:
  • Be Ready — Getting started: gathering everyone to set the tone.
  • Be Still — identify the “static” in their lives that keep them from hearing God
  • Be Silent — duct tape over your mouth, Ecc 5, listening to God
  • Be Vocal — write out a prayer, read that prayer and a few psalms out loud
  • Be Loved — identity in Christ, lies of the enemy we believe about ourselves
  • Be Freed — nail it to the cross
  • Be Child-like — joy, delight, celebrate … shoot 5 baskets, finger paint, eat a desert
  • Be Reverent — shoes off, lie on the grass, listen to a dramatic reading of scripture
  • Be Called — Jesus calling Peter, have you set down the net?
  • Be Light — praying for friends who don’t know Jesus
  • Be Courageous — write a fear on a stone and throw it into the lake
  • Be Servant-hearted — Upper room foot washing…be washed, wash another
  • Be Compassionate — “Social justice” issues … read them all, pick one to pray for
  • Be Reminded — Lord’s Supper
  • Be Thankful — Identify something you are thankful for…write it on a white board and we take a picture
  • Be Together — chapel service

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Planning Notes
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Stations Overview
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Student Journal
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Promo Texts
  • Word Doc Word Doc x1 | Setup Guide


  1. agorrod

    (verified owner):

    I purchased this product because I am not creative with worship stations but think they are an amazing way to get youth to spend time worshiping and learning that worship isn’t just about singing. I ended up reading through the different stations because I needed some for a youth night but didn’t want to use them because the whole product was so amazing. I didn’t want to split up the various ideas and lose the continuity of the worship experience this product gives. So now I am impatiently waiting for time so we can have a worship night and have our youth go through “Be.” I’ll submit a second review when we do, but I wanted to go on record that the product is definitely worth the money.

  2. Dan

    (verified owner):

    Bought this product and was impressed by how well thought out and organized this product was. Worth the purchase. Great change of pace to have you and your students experience.

  3. Justin

    (verified owner):

    Our students loved this! They were washing to do more things like this. It beats the normal routine of learning a lesson and playing a game.

  4. Andrewrhastie

    (verified owner):

    We used BE during a lock in for our late night worship and our kids loved it. My junior highers especially loved laying under the stars listing to the word of God being read to them. This is a great way to get student worshiping in a new and different way.

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