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Have a new volunteer? No problem! Just enter their name and BAM! You have a new, printable badge for them to wear! Making the process quick and painless is our primary goal. In fact, we designed it to be so easy, a volunteer with absolutely no graphic design experience, can knock out badges for an event with no effort whatsoever.

You’ll be able to create a badge for any occasion on your Mac in less than 10 seconds. Once your badge is created, it will save to your computer as a JPG that you can print on any printer. No need for any training or graphic experience. Just a few clicks and you’re done!

Fields of Dreams

Too many options means too many headaches. So, we give you just what you need! Our badges keep with a simple, Four Field Feature, or as we like to call it, FFF (pronounced: ffffffaaaa). FFF is basically four fields in which you enter your info: First Name, Last Name, Church, and Position. Want to display only the first name? Not a problem! Just click on the settings button and disable the last name field! Are you making badges for a special event? Easy! Just type the event name in the Church field!

Everything autosizes so you wont have to worry about making a badge for Dr. Michael Bohuslavizki Junior. When you’re done creating a badge, the Church and Position fields stay the same and the Name fields reset. This makes it easy to knock out badges quickly without having to retype the same info over and over again!

Lookin’ Good!

Tired of boring badges? Want something more than a white square with a name (we’ve been to too many boring badge conferences)? Our badges have been designed with “Oh that looks really cool” in mind. Choose from six unique designs and easily swap between them without having to retype your info.

We love Pesign Studios and are excited to have them exclusively here at DYM. Look for more incredible apps from them very soon!

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  1. bigdog5142


    I LOVE this idea, but without the ability to add a picture (for staff/children’s ministry purposes) it makes it a bit harder to justify. Any possibility of adding the option to add a photo to the badge, thus adding more security?

  2. allegro72


    We have retreats with 400+ people in attendance. Is there a way this program can read from a CSV or other database? It would be time consuming and more error-prone to enter each person’s name individually. I think if you added this option you could open up the application to an even wider market, especially in the non-faith areas. The number of non-Christian conferences/conventions/gatherings is huge!

  3. jorilla.nc

    (verified owner):

    Using this app for all my Volunteers in Youth and Children’s Ministry this year. Very Excited about them, they look great and super easy to produce. Hope to see future updates or expansion packs with even more styles.

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