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11 vs. The World


The series idea came from the USA Women’s World Cup team tagline. I loved it, and when I heard of it I immediately thought about the disciples and how they fought against impossible odds to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the known world. Boom, a series was born.

Week 1 -  What Was Your Name Again?

Who were the 12 disciples? We’ll go through each of them by name and look at how God used a motley crew of ordinary people to do something extraordinary. How God is calling each of us to be the light of the world.

Week 2 – Against All Odds

How was it possible that 11 people could change the world? The message of Christ spread to the corners of the known world in an extremely short amount of time – find out how persecution unlocked the passion of the disciples to spread the message of Christ. Find out your place in God’s story as a modern-day disciple and be challenged to continue this epic calling.

Week 3 – Go Light Your World

This finale weekend had an abbreviated message but a interesting candlelight object lesson to help show how a little light illuminates a dark room and spreads quickly from person to person. It took the whole series and wrapped it up in one final challenge to be the light like the disciples of old.

What's Included...

  • Word Doc Word Doc x3 | Teaching Notes
  • Video Video x1 | Teaching Videos
  • JPG JPG x3 | Graphics Package


  1. jorilla.nc

    (verified owner):

    I just finished this series with my students this past week. I haven’t had this much chatter about a series in quite a while. I have parents coming to me telling me that their student went home after our Candle Light event talking about how meaningful it was to them.

    This series will require you to tweak it to your church/students/needs, but it’s a great launchpad for a powerful series that can really help your students think about how big an impact they can have for the gospel.

    (lil tip. I integrated a clip from a Kung-Fu movie where Bruce Lee is outnumbered by an entire dojo of bad-guys for an icebreaker. Any excuse to use kung-fu!)

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