For us, DYM isn’t about the money; it’s about helping youth workers win.

Wow that is awesome!! Thank you very much!! About the membership, I brought this before our church and there is no money to pay it all with the church account, so our awesome group of parents have agreed to pay a little each month to pay for our membership! So the church fronted the bill, and our parents are paying it back! God has blessed us with a great group of parents; as well as you all for giving us the coupon! And let our sponsor know that we are grateful for their donation!! That money is going to buy a lot of curriculum!! Grace and Peace,

Even though our intention is to be the lowest priced, highest quality youth ministry resource provider on the planet … we realize many youth workers don’t have a church budget. God bless you for paying to support your youth ministry. When we hear about you unsung heroes, we are always inspired and humbled by your commitment to serve students at your personal expense. We want to provide extra help to those youth workers who are making these kinds of sacrifices.

Need a scholarship?

If you have a need for a scholarship, please take a moment to fill out the form below. We are going to do our best to find donors who are willing to help! Also, if you know of someone who enjoys supporting youth ministry… send them to this page to bless others.

Scholarships available right now!

Donate a scholarship?

Do you have a heart to support youth workers who have extreme financial needs? Our mission at DYM is to help youth workers with high quality resources that are inexpensive. However, as surprising as it might seem, some youth workers simply can’t afford anything. We hear this from missionaries and youth workers serving in developing countries all the time.

Here’s where you come in to play! You can literally buy resources for another youth worker somewhere around the world. Currently, we don’t have a non-profit arm of DYM, so your donation is really a purchase that we will pass on to a needy youth worker.

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Blessings to you!

Your donations are helping youth workers win!

March 2014 Church in South Asia that is training youth ministers to go back to their home churches and minister to students
March 2014 Ministry in India who is trying to empower and train youth workers there
March 2014 budget in decline, need training material to rebuild the youth program
March 2014 Church in Flint, Michigan trying to reach students with non-believing families
March 2014 new church plant trying to keep up with 2 youth services
February 2014 their $500 budget is spent for the year but God is doing huge things. Hoping to keep momentum going.
February 2014 a Buy 1 Give 1 annual scholarship to a church in need
February 2014 van/bus ministry with limited or no funds and lots of teenagers attending
February 2014 leadership cherry-picked the best volunteers, so needs scholarship to get video training for the newbies
February 2014 programs cut do to losing key members and tithing is way down
February 2014 brand new church plant booming with 30 students … and no money
February 2014 church in Texas that can barely afford the limited stipend for the youth pastor
February 2014 no budget, hoping to form community with their new group of students
February 2014 senior pastor left the church in shambles, budgets are cut, church is in decline
February 2014 brand new youth pastors, 8 weeks in, buying everything out of pocket
February 2014 youth ministry veteran who is starting over with 5 students
February 2014 rural Mississippi who can’t afford membership
February 2014 Youth Vision in Africa
February 2014 small town church with an administrator that won’t give budget for new resources
February 2014 small church in Orange with no budget
February 2014 couple in Arizona who are taking over a ministry
February 2014 another Buy 1 Give 1 scholarship nomination from someone in her city/area
February 2014 total brand new youth ministry startup
February 2014 church in Jacksonville, FL with no financial resources but great growth

What a surprise and BLESSING this generous gift will be for our youth program! I have the opportunity to formally announce this award to our church at our Christmas program Tuesday night, where we will give thanks to God as a community for His provision, as well as prayers of blessings for the businessman you mentioned who made this happen and for you and Download Youth Ministries for facilitating opportunities like these for groups like ours! Because of this generous gift, we are squared away for the first half of 2014, and I’m more excited now than I’ve been in a long time! I feel like a burden has been lifted – the time we spent trying to assemble interesting (to teenagers!) curriculum will be better invested in one-on-one time, small groups, or other opportunities to minister to their friends. We warmly and lovingly thank you.

January 2014 Church in Massachusetts with no youth pastor, no budget and 10 students looking for discipleship hour material
January 2014 California church with no budget needed some material for their Sunday school
January 2014 Youth Ministry that is meeting in a community center needs help for funding resources for the coming year
January 2014 Youth group is down to 3 students. Desperately needs help!
January 2014 Small church just lost their youth budget.
January 2014 New youth part-time pastor with no resources.
January 2014 Church wants music and music resources for their students but can’t afford any right now.
January 2014 Out of personal money to get resources, had to ask for help
January 2014 Canadian youth workers needing resources to help students with leadership
January 2014 Reveal YM has little or no resources for their 35 students
January 2014 Brad new to youth ministry as a volunteer leader, needs financial help and recommendations
January 2014 International church in Amsterdam needs help and struggling financially
January 2014 Rural youth ministry saving up for a flat screen to play games on, but doesn’t have games either!

I want to say a big thank you for the $50 free resources that you gave me, the teaching and training materiasl are great. It gave us additional new year boost for my youth leaders when they heard about this. And i personally thank to the local bussinesman, may God bless you abundantly. Your support shows us that we are not alone in running the ministry.
Best regards,

December 2013 Presbyterian youth conference in Kenya needing assistance
December 2013 Church with extremely limited resources after senior pastor resigned this past summer
December 2013 Volunteer in ministry, no resources, startup
December 2013 Church hoping for December resources to get them into the new budget year
December 2013 Ministry that is all volunteer with no budget, all out of pocket expenses
December 2013 Church in Southern US with limited/no funds whatsoever and 11 students actively attending
December 2013 Children’s ministry spouse in Thailand hoping to surprise her husband with resources
December 2013 Youth ministry in Washington that has exploded in life change and attendance with absolutely no resources

Wow! Thanks Josh! This is great! Yes, please pass along my sincere thanks. I can’t wait to browse the resources and see what God has in store for our group through your ministry and our friend’s generosity! :)
In Christ,

November 2013 Small church that just experienced a massive downturn in giving. Southern US.
November 2013 Church startup/split, has no resources at this early stage.
November 2013 Full-time work, little or no pay but God provides, needs help.
November 2013 Youth group grew to 30 students, but no budget at all. AG church
November 2013 Youth group went from 3 to 12! looking for small group resources
October 2013 Inner-city ministry in Pittsburg with no resources, run by volunteers
October 2013 Justified youth church with no resources, we took care of them!
October 2013 College youth ministry student & part-time volunteer at church

Wow! I’m blown away! Not only that I could get some help but that your response was so quick. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised by God’s blessings and peoples generosity but I still am every time. I have to admit that as I filled out the scholarship I didn’t really think that anything would happen just because I’m sure that there are people out there that need it more than we do. However, I feel totally blessed by anything that you can offer and personally, deeply encouraged that someone (that doesn’t even know our ministry) would help us out. Thanks a ton for this! Now I’m off to do some DYM shopping!

October 2013 Church in Alabama with a small budget in the 1st place, now on a church-wide spending freeze.
September 2013 Scripture Union in Rwanda
September 2013 A senior pastor in Georgia who is starting a youth ministry at his new church
September 2013 An inner-city youth ministry in Washington, DC with a 25-year veteran volunteer lead youth worker
September 2013 A rural youth ministry in Alabama, little to no available funds
August 2013 Air Force chaplain assistant needed resources with no funding
August 2013 Reach Beyond Limits Youth Ministry in Columbo, Sri Lanka
July 2013 Good News Community Center in Kisumu, Kenya