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POLL: When Do You Promote Students Up a Grade?

Each church is different in the timing of promoting students to the next grade – wanted to get an idea from our blog community when most churches promoted students. Here at my church we promote students the week after school ends so everyone moves up for summer events and is pretty well adjusted heading into the new school year. How about you? Vote now!


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One Response to POLL: When Do You Promote Students Up a Grade?

  1. JLunsford August 19, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

    Here’s my thoughts on this. By the way, I’m only expressing them because I got stood up at Starbucks and I want to look like I’m busy.
    Our student ministry promotes at the end of the summer because we want our students to be kids longer. Explanation… in our community the general mindset is to grow up as quickly as possible. We counter that by trying to keep kids down as long as possible. If we promote our 8th graders before camp, the reality is that they could attend high school camp five times. Plus, promoting early brings kids into an environment that they may not be ready for… 8th graders with graduated seniors… 5th graders with incoming freshmen.
    That definitely puts the pressure on us to be over-the-top friendly and welcoming when freshmen move up right before school starts but that’s an expectation our leaders and upperclassmen are prepared to handle.
    Just a thought. My meeting is walking in now.
    Thank you for all you do!

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