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GIVEAWAY: The All-New GroupGames App for iOS


If you’re a you’re a youth group leader then chances are you’ve got a few great games in your back pocket you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Well, what if you could literally pull a few more great games out of your back pocket! There’s an app for that and it’s called Group Games.

Group Games is a database of over 120 fun, tried and tested youth group games for iPhone and iPad and it’s recently received a major update! Watch the video below for details.

I love the idea that in a pinch you can grab a great idea, or when you’re all out of ideas you can find 120 there waiting for you. Calum, the youth worker behind the App, has generously given me 10 free download codes for the App (normally $1.99). All you have to do to claim a download code is be one of the first 10 people to comment on this post!

Jump in the App Store to get it or check out the GroupGames homepage, too!


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WINNERS: YouthPastorDiet.com Season 4!


Congrats to our winners in Season 4!

YouthPastorDiet.com is a fun community weight-loss challenge that started this on January 1st. Over 300 youth workers have now participated in the program, and in the meantime have lost a ton of weight and won some great prizes. Congrats to our winners this latest go round:

  • 1st place – JMura – she won a 1-year membership subscription (a $240 value)
  • 2nd place – TheTimGuy – lost 29 lbs – wins $150 store credit
  • 3rd place – MMura – he’s married to the champ! won $100 store credit
  • 4th place – MDDtennis – lost a massive 35lbs! Scores $50 store credit

We’ll do it again soon! Join in on the fun.


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WEEKEND GIVEAWAY: The Spirit Behind Badge 145

behind_the_badgeHere is a fun giveaway a little outside of our normal ones!

Jim McNeff is my friend who served as a volunteer in the high school ministry at Saddleback Church for years. He is also a thirty-year law enforcement veteran who recently authored, The Spirit behind Badge 145. There is entertaining drama from the real world of police work in this book, but the true purpose is the truth of Scripture found in each chapter that points readers to Jesus. The book will provide great teaching illustrations or make a sweet gift for a relative in law enforcement, or one of your own volunteers.

Jim’s stories include homicide investigations, major drugs busts, taking down a mafia figure, a fatal encounter with a man trying to split him in half like firewood, and a gut-wrenching story telling how his partner lost his life after making a series of destructive choices. The Spirit behind Badge 145 will resonate with men and women of all ages, as the relational challenges encountered by cops are a significant part of the story. Jim and his wife Jamie, share a powerful testimony of infidelity and the restorative powers of forgiveness. This book is about more than a person in uniform. It is about the Holy Spirit as their driving force.

Frequently a book of this nature pats the author on the back for a job well done. Jim said the writing process for him was more the experience of “a Christmas turkey being gutted, cooked to perfection, and then artfully placed on a serving tray for consumption.” While his stories are entertaining and somewhat self-effacing, he said they are meaningless unless connected to His story—Jesus. While law enforcement is the backdrop for The Spirit behind Badge 145, the message is for anyone who desires to grow in faith because the Cross has no limits.

We’re giving away 3 copies of the book! Just leave a comment this weekend and WIN! You can also pick up the book at a huge discount right now, too – just $3.82 for Kindle on Amazon, too!


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GIVEAWAY: Refreshing Your Marriage Conference


Guess what! On this lovely Valentine’s Day Weekend we have the chance to kickoff a giveaway for 2 couples to go to the event for free! It is help up at Azusa Pacific in the greater Los Angeles area this March 14/15. We hope you can join us at the event. Send an email to webshow@downloadyouthministry.com and let us know you want to be entered, and we’ll pick 2 couples on Friday!

Either way, be sure to check out Refreshing Your Marriage website right here!


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Music Review: City Harbor + Giveaway

If you’ve never heard of the Christian band City Harbor, you’re in good company. Neither did I, until I was asked to review their new self-titled album, released this week. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

I’m kind of funny in the sense that lyrics matter as much to me as the music itself. It’s what made City Harbor an album I want to listen to again and again, because the lyrics are real. It’s no easy-breezy worship, these songs are born out of pain and struggle, out of real life. I love that because it’s something we can all relate to.

A good example is the song ‘Come however you are’. Here’s a quote:

Come however you are
Come with all your heart breaks
Come with all the mistakes you’ve made
Lay them down at the cross
Give them to the God who loves you
Hurt, scarred, falling apart
Come however you are

This is such a beautiful reminder that we don’t need to clean up, or be perfect to enter into Jesus’ presence. You can listen to the song and see the lyrics in this YouTube version:

Another favorite of mine was ‘I still believe’, which expresses a belief in God amidst difficult circumstances. Songs like this ring so much more true to me than the happy clappy songs where the Christian life seems so carefree.

But of course, the music matters as well. City Harbor is a acoustic pop duo (Molly Reed and Robby Earle – who are not a couple or related by the way) and the two voices make for a beautiful harmony. Their style fits their lyrics well: it’s simple, unpretentious, honest. Here’s a video where you get to know the band a little better:

It reminded me a bit of Rend Collective, whose music I love, but to get to that level City Harbor may grow a little more experimental and brave. Their music is good, but it’s a bit on the safe side. That’s logical for a debut, but I look forward to a bit more adventure and experiment in the years to come. They’re on my to-listen-to list, that’s for sure.


Anyway, I’ve been given 5 signed cd’s of City Harbor’s debut to give away so let’s have at it. Leave a comment sharing your favorite ‘real worship’ song, by which I mean a song about struggles, and I’ll pick 5 winners for this giveaway. You have until Sunday Feb 9 midnight EST and I’ll announce the winners on Monday. 

p.s. I was asked to review this album and could listen to it for free, but I was under no obligation to give a positive review. Just so we’re clear :)

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GIVEAWAY: Win 1 of 3 Louie Giglio’s Boy Meets Girl DVD Sets


We’re so excited to give you a chance to win Louie Giglio’s Boy Meets Girl DVD series! The series has over 5 hours of content, and releases on February 4th. Want to win? Just leave a comment on this post to enter!

Dating… who can figure it out? Boy Meets Girl takes an honest and straightforward look at dating relationships and the challenges they bring. Beginning with our Creator, this series approaches guy-girl relationships from His perspective, helping lay the ground work for meaningful relationships now and a marriage that will last. Digging below the surface, Boy Meets Girl uncovers potential dangers and offers practical help for anyone seeking a long term relationship that is all God intended it to be.


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CONTEST: DYM Webshow Voiceover Fun!


So … we had a little technical issue with the DYM Webshow Episode 232 – we forgot to turn on the microphone for the whole show! Actually, it worked for the sound test but then we moved some stuff around the set and somehow turned it off completely. Our loss could be YOUR gain! we decided to have a little fun at our own expense and are hosting a lithe contest to celebrate our goof.

DOWNLOAD THE FOOTAGE HERE and have fun doing a voiceover or lip sync! Some basic guidelines:

  • use up to 1-minute of the footage for your entry
  • have fun with the voiceover, be creative and go nuts!
  • Post it online and get it back to us (Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, etc)

We’ll pick winners in 2 weeks! $100 in store credit plus the best one gets dropped into the official iTunes feed for everyone to enjoy. Fun!


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What an incredible contest! Last month we asked for your best game submissions and man did you come through! It took us a little longer than we thought to wade through the incredible … and not so incredible submissions you sent our way. Some really, really good stuff! Well, without further ado, here are the winners!

  • GRAND PRIZE = iPad + $500 DYM store credit: Name that Mustache by Derek Parson
  • 2ND PLACE = $250 DYM store credit: Emoji by Jeff Kammerer
  • 3RD PLACE = $100 DYM store credit: Pixelated by Bill Ver Velde
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS = $25 DYM store credit: eBay Guess by Matt, Tennessee Shootout by Jeremy Green, Zip Bang Boing by Simon

Congrats to all of our incredible entries – you’ll certainly see these very games and many more as products right here on Download Youth Ministry in the coming weeks. Really some incredible stuff! So … did you win? Your submission didn’t make the top spots? You didn’t know about the contest until right now? Well, we want your games, sermons, small group stuff and more! Submit it today for consideration in becoming a new youth ministry resource right here on DYM!


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DYM Games Contest: Win an iPad + $500 in DYM Store Credit!


1. Win an iPad + $500 store credit for the BEST GAME SUBMISSION!
The VERY best ready-to-go game submitted this month will become a resource here on Download Youth Ministry and we’ll give you an iPad and $500 in store credit, too!

Don’t have the world’s best game finished and ready to send in?

2. Win $250 store credit …
for a completed game that needs graphics but is pretty darn close

3. Win $100 store credit …
for the best killer game idea that you haven’t fully developed but it’s a winner

Send your entries to gamecontest@downloadyouthministry.com RIGHT NOW! you’ve got until the end of the month, so get cracking – we’ve had some incredible entries already!


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POLL: Pick the Cover of Doug Fields’ Next Book!

Want to help us out quick? We’ve got a bunch of new cover designs of Doug Fields’ next book called “7 Ways to Be Her Hero” and need your vote! Which one of these potential covers would you pick up off the shelf or not be afraid to be seen reading at the pool? Vote now!







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GIVEAWAY: Matthew West’s Into the Light

I love this story!

What an awesome video (above) that demonstrates God’s incredible love for His children. Such good stuff! This story was the inspiration for Matthew West’s new song, Hello My Name Is. His new album comes out this week and I’ve got 3 autographed copies of the Deluxe Edition to give away here on the blog, too! Want to get in on the fun? I’ll choose winners at random next Monday morning – to get a chance just leave a comment on this post right now!


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WINNERS: D6 Conference Registration Giveaway

tickets_d6_2 tickets_d6

Congratulations to Benjer and Vicnunezkr who both scored free registrations to the D6 Conference in Louisville, KY this fall. I was happy to host a little giveaway last week and these 2 were randomly selected as winners! I’ll see you there this October – if you want more details on how to join in on the fun be sure to head over to the official conference website now!


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GIVEAWAY: A Pair of D6 Conference Tickets (Louisville)!


I’m excited to be teaching at the D6 Conference in Dallas and Lousiville this fall and Randall House just gave me a pair of tickets to give away to the Louisville event this October. Want to score a couple of tickets to go for free? Leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick a random winner from the comments below – enter today!


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$500 Promocode Winner

Last week we had some fun and gave away a promo code for a $500 DYM Shopping Spree - Mona Sturges, a youth worker from Missouri was the lucky winner and is presently plotting with her other volunteers which parts of the store they are going to outright loot. Congrats, Mona!

Her response was gold: WHAT! Is this real life?! HA. I’ve never won anything!!  On a serious note-I just want to personally thank you guys for what you do. I love how easy and solid the material is…and the prices. :)

You’re welcome, Mona – and have fun spending all that money on the site – make sure you buy Badgify with that money, too!